An inside view of a day at MacLachlan

Day to day, as I make my way around the school halls and stairways of our College, I feel a great sense of pride and awe. MAC truly is a big family. Individuals working together in this beautiful building historically nicknamed ”The grand old lady of Trafalgar.” I’ve always liked to refer to what I see in the classes and hallways as MacLachlan Magic – magical and surprising things that students and teachers are discussing and learning as they spend their day moving from class to class.

At MacLachlan College we too encounter daily surprises and that’s where part of our commitment to re-imagine possibilities comes to life. At MAC, we have a well-earned reputation for providing innovative classroom environments that foster a sense of curiosity in our students inspiring them to be active contributors to our ever-changing world. Our adaptive and dynamic learning spaces promote interaction and communication enabling students and teachers to connect existing knowledge to new ideas.

As you would see if you were to wander the stairways and halls of MAC, much of the learning takes place beyond the classroom door as well. You would find students sitting in the hall working together to solve a particularly challenging query about how weather and climate can impact the world.

Around the next corner there are young students exploring some in-depth research on how the interactions between Indigenous peoples and new settlers leads to the development of new societies. And right next to them is a small group of Grade 6 students reviewing advertising materials and discussing how the influences of media can determine our choices.

Moving up the staircase there’s a classroom of Grade 11 students quietly engaged in the pursuit of an intriguing algebraic formula while right next door one of their classmates is meeting with their Student Advisor to review their educational progress and post-secondary planning.

MacLachlan College Library

Back down to the science laboratory and we encounter students cataloging what they’ve discovered during a biology experiment and dissection. This process is accompanied by the faint sounds of a music class taking place nearby and the harmonic strumming of well-tuned guitars.

To the uninitiated it may appear a little chaotic or messy. Our desks and chairs are all on wheels so you will rarely see them in orderly rows. Rest assured, there is real method and science behind our approach to daily learning and life.

MacLachlan students are afforded the opportunity to develop skills that transcend academics. Leadership, character development, community outreach, outdoor education and international service trips are an integral part of their learning experience and development into thoughtful and confident well-rounded individuals.

MacLachlan’s academic record is superb and our results come from our expectation that every student focuses on achieving their best. Our experience is that students rise to challenges and embrace success when they are given the resources, attention and opportunity. Our students are provided all of these and more.

MAC is fully committed to ensuring that MAC students develop critical thinking skills, adaptability, resilience, higher cognitive skills and the intellectual capacity to think holistically and abstractly about complex systems and be creative in defining how they will meet the future with powerful knowledge and capability.

If you’d like to witness this in person please do stop by.

Author: MacLachlan College

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