Celebrating student achievement: Grade 6 PYP Exhibition

The Grade 6 PYP Exhibition is always a reason to celebrate student achievement at MacLachlan, especially when it’s completed under extenuating circumstances.

This year several students from Grades 9-11 volunteered to lend their expertise to the Exhibition process in the role of Student Mentor. While quite a few mentors fondly recounted their own Exhibition experience, the idea of diving deeply into real-world problems through an inquiry stance was a familiar task for all of our Upper School student mentors.

They met weekly with their Exhibition groups and, with support from the Grade 6 teacher team, facilitated discussion, asked provocative questions and showcased their own research, communication and thinking skills. It was a wonderful opportunity for cross-divisional leadership and growth. In turn, our Grade 6 students revealed how tech-savvy, thoughtful and truly invested they are in issues around “Sharing the Planet”, and generated ideas for taking action within our school and home communities.

Fostering these kinds of relationships is one of the strengths of a JK-12 school, and we look forward to continuing this mentorship opportunity in the years to come.

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