“MAC felt like home from day one.”


One of the greatest pleasures I experience is observing the life progress of the students who passed through the doors of MAC. Our alumni are a remarkable group of individuals who built upon the learning they gained at MAC to pursue their life dreams. While they didn’t always end up in the place they thought they might what most have in common is a realization that this school prepared them well to adapt, pivot and respond to opportunity.

One such individual is Brodie Lawson and she generously agreed to be the subject of the first in a series of alumni feature stories.

This is her story.

Here’s the kind of person that Brodie Lawson is.

The very day she was scheduled to give birth to her first child was the day she received an Alumni survey from MacLachlan. She completed the survey with very thoughtful comments, emailed it back to us and three hours later welcomed her son Henry to the world!

We had the opportunity to interview Brodie recently and she willingly accommodated us as she cared for Henry amidst the renovation activities in her home.

And, as you will learn, being active and energetic is nothing unusual in Brodie’s world.

What’s your favourite memory of your time at MacLachlan?

“I have way too many to narrow it down, so I am going with an overall theme and that is that MacLachlan did such a wonderful job at making school feel special. Between field trips, intramural sports, speech competitions, cupcake days, trips and philanthropic opportunities nothing was ever stagnant! Not only did it create excitement it also built a strong sense of  community amongst my peers. We were always working towards the next great part of the year, and it made for a really fun and deeply enriching environment in which to learn and mature.

“At MacLachlan I always felt that I really mattered. I came from public school to MAC in Grade 4 and from that moment on I gained the confidence to learn ‘myself’ – to discover who I was, what I loved and how to take personal initiative.”

Where did you go to post-secondary and what did you study?

“I attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated in 2013 with an honours specialization in Information and Media Studies (MIT). I absolutely loved my program! I will admit that the transition from the small, intimate nature of MAC to a big university was pretty hard. The first lesson I learned was ‘nobody cares’. It’s up to you to find your people, to build a community and become fully integrated into life at university. Again though, the confidence and self-awareness instilled in me at MAC helped me make the transition.”

Brodie, Henry, Minnie and husband Garrett Moore

How did MacLachlan prepare you for your life after leaving the school?

“I attended MacLachlan College for eight years and over that time many elements ingrained in the school culture and annual cadence helped prepare me for university. The poetry and speech competitions starting in junior school prepared me for public speaking which ultimately fed directly into my career. In the upper school I learned how to write a proper, strong essay and how to take thorough notes in class. These were skills that many of my classmates at university didnt come prepared with. There are countless examples of the ways MAC prepared me, but these two have been invaluable with schooling and my career.”

What do you do? Is it what you expected to do when you were a student?

“I come from a long line of lawyers! It almost seemed like an hereditary obligation that I pursue studies in the legal profession but I very quickly realized that the sedentary nature of lawyering wasn’t for me. I simply can’t stay still long enough to occupy a desk. So when I was choosing my study path my choices revolved around courses that interested me and could provide an entry into a great summer job. And, fortunately, an internship at TSN the summer after my second year of university set me on my path and I have never looked back!

“I work in media, both digital and broadcast. I was the host for the Canadian Football League for eight years as well as a contributor on TSN for Thursday Night Football broadcasts and Racing Night Live broadcasts covering thoroughbred and standardbred racing. I also have the opportunity to give keynote speeches and host events!

“While COVID brought an end to my dream job with the CFL I’m still active in broadcasting and looking forward to being back on air covering horse racing on Friday nights with TSN.”

What would you tell a prospective parent about MacLachlan College?

“MacLachlan College felt like home to me from the first day I walked in the doors. It exudes warmth because of the wonderful culture created by the teachers and staff at the school. They are deeply caring, hardworking people who genuinely want you to succeed and will stop at nothing to ensure you do. I always felt lucky to be so supported by them; its a unique relationship that can only be fostered in a small environment. To this day I am so deeply grateful for my years there and for the relationships with both my classmates and my lovely teachers.”



Author: MacLachlan College

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