Mary Keough

Over 20 years of support and 40K raised for Princess Margaret Walk to Conquer Cancer

A huge congratulations go out to Mary Keough, who just completed her 20th year of the Princess Margaret Walk to Conquer Cancer. Over the years, several MAC parents, teachers, and staff have joined Mary’s team to raise money for breakthrough cancer research and treatment.

Mary leads her team in a memorial walk in honour of the MAC family members who have passed away from cancer over the years, and she continues to share her strength and support with anyone undergoing treatment to beat the disease.

Mary Keough Team for Princess Margaret Walk

Over the past 20 years, 100% of our pizza sales from our MAC Olympics have gone to support this wonderful cause and we are proud to say that through MacLachlan, Pizzaville and Pepsi as sponsors, Mary has raised close to $40,000 for Princess Margaret Walk to Conquer Cancer.

Thank you for everything that you do Mary!

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