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This document will outline how MacLachlan will continue to offer a blended learning model, which includes both an Asynchronous Learning…

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MacLachlan understands that communication is key during any crisis situation and especially during an extended campus closure and transition…

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Remote Learning involves new structures and routines at home. There is a transition period in which students will require assistance adapting...

A message from the Head of School

Dear MacLachlan Families,

MacLachlan College has always been a supportive and strong community, and during my 28 years as part of this learning environment, we have gone through many situations, but none have been like this current crisis. I am so thankful to the students, parents and staff that came together so quickly during a time of disruption to develop and implement our Remote Learning Plan that allowed us to successfully complete the 2019-2020 school year. Over a short period of time we adjusted to learning, and socializing, within a virtual space. Our students quickly adapted, and excelled, while learning remotely. That fact is in large part to the support that you, our parents, and the dedication of our staff, have provided for our students during the transition.

Inside this document you will find information that explains MacLachlan College’s 2019-2020 Remote Learning Plan. Our plan contained information on the channels and platforms the school used for communication, as well as shared expectations for faculty, families, and students as we all worked together to continue the teaching and learning process remotely.

As the global and local situations continue to progress, we are watching and planning. Whatever scenario plays out, MacLachlan College will continue to provide our students with a full curriculum based program that prepares them for their continued studies.

I again want to thank everyone for being a part of the MacLachlan College community and working with us to foster a positive and engaging learning environment for our students.

Michael Piening,
Head of School

Frequently Asked Questions

We are cautiously optimistic that we will be back on campus in September, but we recognize that social/physical distancing measures will need to be in place in compliance with public health measures. As circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic are very uncertain, our Remote Learning Plan will still be mobilized as a tool/platform to ensure all learning is uninterrupted for the 2020/2021 school year.

Yes, our mix of synchronous (real time) and asynchronous (independent) activities provides students with a full day program.

There are a number of learning, communication and online platforms being utilized at this time including MPAC, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Seesaw and additional subject specific resources and assessment tools. Detailed schedules are provided weekly to help students and parents plan for the week’s learning commitments and expectations.

Parents have full access to their child’s course information through our MPAC portal.

MacLachlan’s Remote Learning Program is covering all required curriculum and continuing with ongoing assignments and assessments. Students will be moving to their next grade level in September.

MacLachlan believes in open communication and encourages parents to contact their child’s teacher if they have specific questions or requests. In addition to curriculum expectations, teachers are providing many additional resources for all grade levels.

Yes, students will be connected to their classmates. The level of group work will depend on grade level and nature of assignments/lessons. Students will connect with classmates daily through full group and/or smaller group engagement opportunities.

Our IT department is fully accessible and able to guide students and parents with any technical questions they may have.

Assessment is carried out in a variety of ways. Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through conversations with the teacher and their peers, observations by the teacher and through the products they submit. All of these methods continue to be used during remote learning.

Since students continue learning through our remote program, the school year will not be extended into the summer months. Remote learning classes and final assessments in all grades will conclude on June 12, 2020.

We will not be conducting final examinations in Intermediate Mathematics and Language this year. However, since Grade 9-12 students are earning Ministry of Ontario credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas, they are required to complete a final assessment or summative project which is worth 30% of their final course grade. Subject teachers will be giving students details about how these assessments will be completed in their courses.

In the PYP weekly schedules are posted on MPAC for parents and students to follow. In the Upper School (Grades 7-12) class meetings follow the day cycle and regular class schedule timetable.

Field trips have been cancelled for the remainder of this school year and refunds have been provided where applicable.

Our expectation is that students will attend classes as they would if they were on-campus. However, we also understand that in some instances there may be some additional responsibilities that students are dealing with. We highly recommend that students keep in contact with their teachers and let them know if they are having difficulty attending classes or managing workloads.

Individual teachers will determine the best model for summative projects/final assessments in their courses and communicate timelines and due dates to students in their courses.

During remote learning we are carrying on with curriculum and covering all course expectations so that students will be prepared for their courses next year.

Parents with questions can contact individual teachers at any time during the school year to arrange a meeting to discuss their child.

Our admissions department remains open and is working remotely. Our application process is completely online and remains open and active for the 2020-2021 school year. Please contact admissions@maclachlan.ca Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer campus tours but they will resume as soon as MacLachlan has re-opened for visitors.

Roles and Responsibilities During Remote Learning

MacLachlan’s Remote Learning Plan will continue to address, relevant to each division, IB and Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and learning objectives.

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