Socks 4 Souls: Grade 6 Action

The grade 6’s decided to take action this holiday season by participating in an initiative run by the radio station Indie88 called “Socks for the Streets” in support of Socks 4 Souls Canada.

Socks 4 Souls Canada is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to contributing warmth, comfort, and dignity to homeless people by providing them with new, clean socks. Between all 3 classes, the grade 6’s raised 260 dollars to donate to the charity, which will provide a total of 520 pairs of socks to the homeless population of Toronto.

In class, the students also heard from a variety of homeless people and their experiences living on the streets. They learned about factors that can contribute to homelessness and most importantly, were reminded of how everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. To spread this kindness and remind people experiencing homelessness that they matter, the students wrote letters of encouragement, which will be distributed to shelters across Toronto.

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