MacLachlan College U14 Ultimate team photo

U14 Ultimate Tournament

The U14 ultimate team had an outstanding display of heart and courage throughout their tournament yesterday. They played hard through each game and truly adhered to the spirit of the game.

Entering the semi-finals, they were winless and up against the first place Newtongrove School. With fierce determination our Mariners stormed Newtongrove and came out to an early lead. The chemistry between our handlers started to click and our defensive prowess helped place them in a favourable position. Late in the game, the team found themselves down 1-point, but due to the incredible team spirit and heart, they knew they we’re not finished. In the end it was our defensive stamina that allowed us to come away with the win in extra-time. The team proudly moved onto the finals to face Fern Hill Oakville but came up short despite a valiant effort.

Coach Capan and Wierzbicki are extremely proud of the team and congratulate the tremendous team effort put forth!

MacLachlan College U14 Ultimate team
MacLachlan College U14 Ultimate team
MacLachlan College U14 Ultimate team

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