MacLachlan COllege Founder Audrey Hadfield

Virtual and In-Person Round Square Connections Do Not Disappoint

Round Square connections flourished in May through our student-led Postcard virtual event as well as MacLachlan’s Founder, Audrey Hadfield travelling to the UK to visit St. George’s School Windsor Castle and Windermere School in the beautiful English countryside. Both experiences were incredibly rewarding and are raising the excitement and anticipation of MAC’s Round Square trip planned for September 2022!

The weekly Round Square Postcard Series is an incredibly popular student-led initiative that emerged over the past year. Although the pandemic has led to many challenges and limitations regarding in-person collaboration, it has also afforded the opportunity to create virtual programs and global student connections that did not previously exist. MAC’s topic of focus was “Life After the Pandemic” which encouraged discussion about how our lives have changed, what things have stayed the same, and what we are looking forward to in the days ahead. Among the many incredible takeaways from that experience, Grade 9 student Amanda Leys shared, “the postcard really helped me understand how even though we were all affected by the pandemic, we all had very different perspectives about it.”

Audrey was graciously welcomed by fellow Round Square members St. George’s School Windsor Castle and Windermere School during her recent visit to the UK and had the opportunity to learn about how they each demonstrate Round Square principles. The campus tours were exceptional, and it was a privilege to witness how each school provides nurturing and valuable contributions to enrich student academic and experiential learning.

On the horizon is the Round Square International Conference 2022. MAC has seven Grade 10 to 12 students planning to travel to the UK to participate in this rewarding experience themed “Take Less: Be More.” It has been over two years since these in-person events have happened and the anticipation is palpable. We look forward to sharing more details soon!

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