MacLachlan’s Integrated ESL Program occurs within the school year. All ESL courses at MacLachlan College provide opportunities for students to develop proficiency in English in the four basic language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, students will gain knowledge of their new environment that is necessary for successful integration into the school and community. 

In grades 9 to 11 students who successfully complete ESL courses are eligible to earn credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Core ESL Classes

Upon arrival at MacLachlan College, the student’s level of English proficiency will be assessed by the Director of International Studies to ensure appropriate placement in the various ESL classes. In the Upper School (Grades 9 to 11), MacLachlan offers ESL credit courses based on the Ontario Curriculum.  Some additional fees may be required if additional tutorials and/or direct instruction is required.


MacLachlan College retains the services of International Student Guardianship Canada (ISGC) to provide homestay services for international students who want to live with a Canadian family. Homestay families are carefully screened and take a personal interest in the students who are in their care. They participate in the program because they value global awareness, cultural diversity, leadership, education, family and community. We put great emphasis in connecting our international students with the right host families to ensure a comfortable transition to their new environment. We understand that a positive and supportive homestay experience greatly influences student success. Students are treated as an extended member of the family. This gives the student the opportunity to further develop their English language skills and learn about the Canadian culture. It is not uncommon that the bonds made between students and host families endure for many years and lifelong friendships are made. 

Homestays are governed by clear rules and curfews that are monitored by the school and ISGC. Homestay parents will act on behalf of the international student’s family to care for his or her general welfare including meals, health and safety. Although we try to place international students in close proximity to the school, transportation to and from the school is the responsibility of the student; school bus service or public transport is readily available. 

The Town of Oakville is a safe and vibrant family-oriented community located on the shores of Lake Ontario. With a mid-sized population of approximately 200,000, it offers an abundance of community recreation facilities, parks, trails, shopping, entertainment and restaurants. In 2018, moneysense.ca named Oakville the best place to live in Canada.

MacLachlan College International Program

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How To

The following procedures and documents must be completed to be considered for admission. Items 1- 6 are completed through the application stage of the admissions process. All documents must be provided in English. Upon approval, an acceptance letter will be issued without delay. Items  9 and 10 must be completed upon arrival to Canada. The school will reserve a place for the student upon receipt of the full tuition fees.

  1. Online international application inquiry form submitted by the student’s parent, guardian or agent. The admission department will provide instructions regarding steps to begin the online international application.
  2. Submit online application with $250 payment
  3. Copy of most recent and last year’s final report cards in English
  4. Copy of passport showing date of birth
  5. Confidential School Reference form completed by the student’s current school and forwarded directly to MacLachlan
  6. Recent photograph of the student
  7. Interview in person or via Skype with Director of International Studies
  8. Completed immunization record in English
  9. Copy of student study permit and student visa/authorization and date of entry to Canada
  10. ESL placement test (conducted on Orientation Day prior to the start of the new school year.)


Admission is based on review of report cards, reference reports and interview with MacLachlan’s Director of International Studies. If a personal interview is not possible, a virtual interview will be scheduled.  The ESL placement test will be administered upon the student’s arrival in Canada at Orientation Day prior to the start of the school year. 

If vacancies cannot be confirmed at the time of the application, the student’s name will be placed on the wait list. The school will notify the student when space is available and fees must be paid in full at that time to reserve the space. Current MacLachlan students re-register by February 1st. Vacancies will be assigned from the waiting list. 

The application should be made to the school well in advance of your desired entry date. A non-refundable application fee of $250.00 for International students must accompany each application.

Ready to get started?

We are so thrilled you are interested in MAC. Begin your application process by filling out an International Student Online Inquiry Form.