Humble Beginnings

In 1978, Audrey Hadfield took a small space above a storefront on Lakeshore Road in downtown Oakville. With only eight students she began what would become one of the truly exceptional private schools anywhere. One year later MacLachlan College moved a few streets east to Donessle Drive and the enrolment grew to 35 girls and boys.

The 350 students now populating the school on Trafalgar Road are still learning in an environment inspired by the founder’s original vision.

Her vision was “to provide a continuum of highly personalized education as an alternative to the regular school system. MacLachlan responds to the uniqueness of every child in its care.”

She realized that providing life-changing education required a sound structure in terms of the physical environment, curriculum and societal relationships.

In 1980, MacLachlan evolved into a family partnership when Audrey’s husband Colin, retired after 20 years with the Attorney General’s Office, five years of which were as a Boundary Court Judge, to contribute to the establishment of the school. In particular, Colin was instrumental in converting the 1856 mansion, historically known as the “Grand Old Lady of Trafalgar”, into the much larger institution we now call home.

In its 40 years of operation, MacLachlan has come to the forefront bringing design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to its classrooms. From the very start above that little Lakeshore storefront, MAC has re-imagined possibilities.

Big Changes

Growth brings change. Planned growth brings innovation which opens up new horizons.

MAC’s reputation as an innovator in education is well established. The school was an early adapter to the technologicial revolution. As the school grew, it attracted top-rated staff and teachers driven to bring a new approach to the traditions of pedagogy. Much of this change could be seen in the physical environment with the school’s adoption of movable furniture which allowed students to interact more freely and enhance their learning abilities through being mobile.

Where the less visible but tremendously significant change happened was the determination to bring a collaborative, boundaries-breaking approach to traditional disciplines. MAC to this day and into the future will be driven by the knowledge that students excel and become future-ready when they are inspired to explore real-life challenges which get them well outside of the norms of a strict curriculum.

That’s why our long-standing motto was Where Tradition and Vision Meet. And, why MAC is always driven to create future-ready young women and men.

Re-Imagining The Future

MacLachlan is committed to challenging and exploring the limitations of traditional education by developing a bold and creative vision that promotes an entrepreneurial, success-driven and future-oriented mindset that is integrated into every aspect of school life.

MacLachlan is re-imagining learning to create a school that provides a Kindergarten to grade 12 experience that includes challenging students to become change makers, ready to thrive in a world of unprecedented complexity.

In addition to upgrading the current facilities, MacLachlan’s plans will include Makerspace and innovation labs that provide opportunities for students to integrate new learnings and skills that complement core academics.

Our determination to re-imagine possibilities for our students is something from which we will never veer.

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