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MacLachlan’s academic record is superb and our results come from our expectation that every student focuses on achieving their best. Our experience is that students rise to challenges and embrace success when they are given the resources, attention and opportunity. Our students are provided all of these and more.

Our Upper School is a dynamic, small and inclusive community where students are accepted for who they are and where teachers guide and facilitate learning by creating real-world connections. In small classes, teachers and students get to know each other well, providing opportunities to go above and beyond by delivering unique programs, activities, enrichment opportunities, individualized guidance and support to provide a highly personal and engaging experience.

Just as colleges and universities have embraced innovation and active learning environments, MacLachlan has transformed traditional classrooms into creative hubs that motivate critical thinking and collaboration. These active learning classrooms enable students and teachers to work in partnership to connect existing knowledge to new thinking.

MacLachlan students are also afforded the opportunity to develop skills that transcend academics. Leadership, character development, community outreach, outdoor education and international service trips are an integral part of their learning experience and development into thoughtful and confident well-rounded individuals.

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MacLachlan’s Upper School offers enhanced academic programs that meet and surpass the requirements of the standard Ontario curriculum. We expect students to fully participate and challenge themselves and to always strive to deepen their intellectual curiosity.  The core skills and knowledge gained in the intermediate years are now applied and expanded in the upper years. As a university-preparatory school, we emphasize the establishment and improvement of key skills to ensure our students are well-prepared for the challenging post-secondary environment.

We offer Advanced Placement in Grades 11 and 12 courses to enable students to go above and beyond the academic curriculum. AP courses introduce advanced concepts that help further prepare students for university-level courses.


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Preparing our students for post-secondary education begins long before they are ready to graduate.  We provide students with the tools and information they need to find post-secondary options and programs that are best suited to their interests and goals. Our experienced guidance department works closely with every student to ensure they are prepared for their chosen path after high school. The choices students make are very personal and unique to their own goals and dreams.

Our guidance and career education programs help each student to gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves, their educational goals and career options. In addition, MacLachlan Diploma Advisors are accessible to students throughout the year and formally meet with each Grade 7-12 student twice per year to review their Individual Pathway Plan (IPP) and provide guidance and support towards their future educational goals.

We also assist students in the preparation of university applications, helping them to present themselves as authentically, confidently and cohesively as possible. This process is often a significant learning experience for students, and helps them to make sound and responsible choices for their next learning adventure.  Our approach involves a collaborative effort between school, student and parents to facilitate the successful transition to post-secondary studies and the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

MacLachlan College is also committed to teaching our students 21st-Century Skills that are needed in high school and beyond, providing outdoor education experiences through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program, and offering students the opportunity to travel and develop leadership skills through our Debating and Public Speaking, DECA, Prefect, clubs and initiatives.

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A Day
In The Life

MacLachlan’s Upper School operates on a year-long academic program. The Upper School program offers eight courses on a two-day cycle. Students have one set of four classes every other day. We believe that there are several advantages to year-long academic schedules.

Offering courses from September to June allows the continuation of knowledge, and ensures students do not have a gap in their understanding between grade levels. It also allows them to make major connections and recognize over-arching themes between the courses they are enrolled in.

MacLachlan also recognizes the importance of tolerance, respect and teamwork through various extracurricular activities and clubs offered on campus. MacLachlan provides students the chance to excel on and off campus through debate teams, DECA, and intramurals. MacLachlan also incorporates semi-formal and formal events, creating a high school environment where Upper School students can interact and socialize in a non-academic setting.

Many of our senior students participate in service trips to places such as the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Arizona, Mexico, and Kenya. These trips focus on constructing schools, youth and educational programs. These service trips not only help the communities in which they are built, but help the students cultivate team work, communication, and hands-on skills establishing them as global citizens. The immersion in different cultures helps them understand their own ecological and global footprint, expanding their horizons on diversity and giving them a global perspective. 

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