Browse MacLachlan’s 2022-2023 fee schedules for Pre-Kindergarten/Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Applications are welcome throughout the year, however, we encourage families to begin the application process well in advance of the school year they hope to enroll in. If you require admissions assistance, contact MAC now at admissions@maclachlan.ca.

  • A non-refundable $250 application fee must accompany each application for admission.
  • A one-time, non-refundable New Student Enrollment Fee of $2,000 (applicable for SK to Grade 12 enrollments) and the $3,000 Registration Deposit are payable when the offer of admission is accepted. The New Student Enrollment Fee is used for capital purposes at the discretion of the Board of Directors, as such at MacLachlan, parents are not asked to contribute annually for capital costs.
  • MacLachlan College’s fees include the following: technology fee, all textbooks and most field trip costs. Some field trips may be the exception, as well as overnight trips.
  • A tuition discount is offered to families with three or more children enrolled at MacLachlan College. Please contact the admissions department for further details.
  • The Extended Hours Program is available to all students in Kindergarten to Grade 5. Please contact the school regarding fees, registration and availability. The program hours are 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Child Care expenses: Some parents with children under 16 years of age may be eligible to claim a portion of school fees under the Child Care Expenses Deduction. Official tax receipts will be issued upon written request to our accounting department.

*For returning students, the $3,000 Re-Registration Deposit confirms a place is reserved for your child in September 2023. The online Re-Registration Agreement and deposit are due by January 20, 2023.
**Interest/administrative charges are included in the Monthly Payment Plan.


We are so thrilled you are interested in MAC.
Begin your application process by filling out an Online Inquiry Form.



Complete an Online Inquiry Form to express your interest and find out more about MacLachlan College. A member of our Admissions Department will respond to your inquiry promptly and will guide you through the next steps.

If you have already completed an Online Inquiry Form and have connected with the Admissions Department please proceed to Step 2 to begin the online process. We look forward to learning about all our prospective students.


Create your account and sign-in to your online MAC account and begin creating your profile. If you have already created your profile and your application has been processed, please proceed to Step 3 to complete your Application Checklist.

Please note that the application should be made to the school well in advance of your desired entry date. The application will autosave if you need to return to it at a later time. A non-refundable application fee of $250 must accompany each application. Payment will be required upon submission of the application.


Once your Application has been processed by our Admissions Staff, your online Application Checklist will become available. Click “My Login” located at the top of every page, login with your account information and provide, electronically or otherwise, the items listed on your checklist:

  • School Report Cards
  • Confidential Reference Form
  • Birth Date Verification

Prospective families can view the status of their application securely online and use convenient checklists that enable parents/guardians to track progress, milestones and upload necessary documents such as report cards and confidential reference report.


The MacLachlan College Educational Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization established in 1986.

The mission of the MacLachlan College Educational Foundation is to maintain a bursary fund that provides students from varying economic backgrounds accessibility to a MacLachlan College education. The purpose of bursaries is to help mission appropriate students who might otherwise be unable to attend MacLachlan College.

Bursaries are normally awarded based upon the following criteria:

  • Financial need
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Strength of character and leadership
  • Athletic accomplishments
  • Artistic accomplishments
  • Community participation and contributions

Bursaries are considered for applicants to all grades.

The MacLachlan College Educational Foundation is governed by a board of directors who are responsible for selecting mission appropriate candidates for bursaries from a list of approved applicants supported by a recommendation from the Head of  School.